A review of the genus Devario in Sri Lanka (Teleostei: Cyprinidae), with description of two new species



Six species of Devario Heckel are recognized from Sri Lanka. Devario ceylonensis (Günther) is shown to be a junior synonym of D. malabaricus (Jerdon); and D. lineolatus (Bleeker) a secondary homonym of D. lineolatus (Blyth), herein redescribed under the replacement name D. monticola nom. nov. In addition to D. pathirana (Kottelat & Pethiyagoda), two newly-discovered species are described from the island: D. annnataliae sp. nov. and D. udenii sp. nov. All six species are distinguished from one another by a suite of characters that include colour pattern; presence/ absence of infraorbital spine and its shape; pectoral-fin length; body depth; eye diameter; and relative position of the dorsal-fin origin. Through the designation of a common neotype, Perilampus mysoricus Jerdon is made an objective synonym of D. malabaricus. A key to the Sri Lankan species is also provided.


Taxonomy, New species, Neotype, Identification key.

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