New records of two parrotfish (Perciformes: Scaridae) from Saint Martin’s Island of the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh

Kazi Ahsan HABIB, Md Jayedul ISLAM, Amit Kumer NEOGI, Najmun NAHAR, Subhrendu Sekhar MISHRA


The present article reports two new records of parrotfish Scarus ghobban Forsskal, 1775 and Chlorurus rhakoura Randall & Anderson, 1997 from Bangladesh. Specimens were collected from Saint Martin’s Island located at the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh during a survey on coral associated fishes of the country from July 2017 to September 2018. The examined specimens are described by morphomeristic characteristics in addition with DNA barcoding. The present study constitutes an extension of the known distributional range of C. rhakoura from the Gulf of Mannar of the southern Bay of Bengal to Northern Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh.


First record, Range extension, DNA barcoding.

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