Cynoglossus quadriocellatus, a new species of tonguesole from Western Australia (Teleostei: Cynoglossidae)



The Ocellated tonguesole Cynoglossus quadriocellatus n. sp. is described from off Exmouth Gulf and Dampier Archipelago, Western Australia, eastern Indian Ocean, based on specimens collected at depths of 1-48 metres. The new species is characterised within the Cynoglossus ogilbyi species group by the snout bluntly rounded; head length 19-28% of SL, snout length 4-8% of SL; eyes not contiguous; nostrils 2; rostral hook not extending to below eye; lateral lines on eyed side three, on blind side one; mid-lateral line scales 73-88; scales between dorsal and mid-lateral lines 11-14; scales on both eyed and blind sides ctenoid; dorsal-fin rays 96-112; anal-fin rays 88-101; caudal-fin rays 10; vertebrae 8 + 40-44; two ocelli on tail. A key to the species of the Cynoglossus ogilbyi species-group is presented, and variation within the group is discussed. Other species in the group include C. broadhursti Waite 1905, C. maccullochi Norman 1926, C. ogilbyi Norman 1926, C. macrophthalmus Norman 1926, C. maculipinnis Rendahl 1921. Cynoglossus maccullochi and C. ogilbyi are recorded from Western Australia for the first time.


Tonguesole, Cynoglossidae, Western Australia, New species; Identification key.

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