Re-description of Barbus miliaris De Filippi, 1863 (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) from the endorheic Namak Lake basin of Iran



Barbus miliaris was described in 1863 by De Filippi on the basis of three specimens collected from the endorheic Namak Lake basin (= a stream near Tehran). But it was later assigned to the subspecies of Barbus lacerta, B. cyclolepis or Luciobarbus mursa. Here, we revalidate and re-describe it. Barbus miliaris is distinguished from the other species of Barbus by having more scales along the lateral line (69-87, mode 77) vs. 50-66 (mode 57) in B. cyri; 52-66 (mode 61) in B. lacerta) and 80-95% of the posterior margin of the last unbranched dorsal-fin ray covered with denticles (vs. 60-70%). Barbus miliaris is also distinguished from B. cyri by having more predorsal scales (37-47, mode 42 vs. 24-34, mode 29); a narrower upper lip (its width 4-6 vs. 7-9 %HL). In B. miliaris, the maxillary barbel is longer than that of the others (26-41 vs. 12–32 %HL in other species, not reaching to posterior eye margin vs. reaching in B. lacerta).


Freshwater fish, Middle East, Taxonomy, Distribution.

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