First record of the Taper-tail ribbonfish Zu elongatus Heemstra & Kannemeyer, 1984 from Indian EEZ

Swapnil Shivdas SHIRKE, Sethuraman RAMACHANDRAN, Hosahalli Divakar PRADEEP, Nashad MUSALIYARAKAM, Sukham Monalisha DEVI, Manas Kumar SINHA


Taper-tail ribbon fish, Zu elongatus is recorded for first time from the Andaman and Nicobar waters of Indian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). A single specimen of Standard length of 1280 mm and weighing about 2.2 Kg. caught by the tuna longliner MFV BLUE MARLIN in November 2015. The specimen was collected at 10°48'6''N and 92°44'08''E at a depth of 408 m. Morphometric and meristic characters of the present specimen are compared in detail with published accounts.


Zu, Trachipteridae, New record, Andaman Sea, Indian EEZ.

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