Two new species of the genus Cobitis Linnaeus (Teleostei: Cobitidae) from Turkey

Füsun ERKAKAN, Filiz ÖZDEMİR, Saniye Cevher ÖZEREN


Two new species of the genus Cobitis including C. dorademiri sp. nov. from the Köyceğiz Basin and C. sipahilerae sp. nov. from the Kırkgözler Basin of Turkey are described and illustrated here. Cobitis dorademiri differs from other species of Bicanestrinia Cobitis species by lack of 5th Gambetta zone; second zone formed by round brown blotches, reduced to few spots behind the dorsal fin; short (9.7-13.5 %SL) and deep (12.7-14.2 %SL) caudal peduncle, and more than one spots at the base of caudal fin. Cobitis sipahilerae differs from other species of Bicanestrinia Cobitis species by lack of 5th Gambetta zone; third zone similar to the first one but with smaller spots; fourth zone consisting triangular or square-like blotches, in some specimens merged as a stripe; thinner caudal peduncle; mouth arched with lips a little furrowed, and mental lobe moderate marked and covered with papilla.


Spined loach, Cobitis dorademiri, Cobitis sipahilerae, Anatolia, Turkey.

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