Re-examination of the type series of Parazacco spilurus (Teleostei: Cyprinidae)

Taiki ITO, Kazumi HOSOYA


The genus Parazacco comprises two species viz. P. spilurus and P. fasciatus. The division of the genus into two distinct species that was maybe not warranted caused by the lack of clarity and incomplete data in previous descriptions of syntypes of P. spilurus. Therefore, we re-examined, redescribed, and illustrated the external morphology of syntypes of P. spilurus, type species of the genus. The syntypes were found to be smaller in body size than that of specimens observed in the original description of P. fasciatus, the conclusions are that the two species are not distinct and recommend that they be put under one species name, P. spilurus, although further study is recommended.


Aspius spilurus, Northern Vietnam, Opsariichthines, Southern China.

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