New records of Carangids (Perciformes: Carangidae) from Chilika Lagoon, east coast of India

Manasi MUKHERJEE, Subodha Kumar KARNA, Vettath Raghavan SURESH, Ranjan Kumar MANNA, Debabrata PANDA, Apurba RAUT


Four species of carangids, Caranx papuensis, Carangoides ferdau, Trachinotus botla and Trachinotus baillonii are presented here as new records from Chilika Lagoon, India. Five specimen of C. ferdau obtained are of juveniles, and hence represent possibility of breeding or spawning ground in the lagoon. The other carangid species collected were during late monsoon period from outer channel in brackish water conditions (13.07 ppt). Of the 60 known species of carangids in Indian waters, Chilika now support 23 (38%) species.


First record, Caranx papuensis, Carangoides ferdau, Trachinotus botla, Trachinotus baillonii.

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