Oxynoemacheilus freyhofi, a new nemacheilid species (Teleostei, Nemacheilidae) from the Tigris basin, Iran



A new species of Nemacheilidae, Oxynoemacheilus freyhofi sp. nov. is described from the Roudbar River, a tributary of the Bakhtiyari River, Karoun River drainage, Iran. The species differs from its congeners in the combination of the following characters: dorsal fin with 10½ branched rays; forked caudal fin with equal size of lobes; slender and compressed caudal peduncle and complete lateral line; very small or absent median incision in upper lip; absence of suborbital groove in male. Oxynoemacheilus freyhofi is also distinguished from its congeners by a K2P distance of 4.5% to O. argyrogramma and 12.9% to O. bergianus.


Freshwater fish, Taxonomy, Morphology, COI, Loach.

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