Additional distribution records of Hypselobarbus lithopidos (Day, 1874), (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) from peninsular India

Muthukumarasamy ARUNACHALAM, Sivadoss CHINNARAJA


The distributional record of Hypselobarbus lithopidos (Day, 1874) was from south Canara since its description and a recent record of this species from Khal River, Maharashtra raised some comments and the species identity. In order to ascertain the distribution of this species in Maharashtra and also from an east flowing river, Thunga in Karnataka, the present paper is dealt with the diagnosis and description. Also there is some taxonomic ambiguity on H. lithopidos in the published paper of the senior author on the molecular phylogeny of selected species of Hypselobarbus from peninsular India and this is also resolved based on further examination of those and with additional specimens from the same localities.


Cyprinidae, Hypselobarbus, H. lithopidos, H. thomassi.

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