Capoeta raghazensis, a new species of algae-scraping cyprinid from the Raghaz Canyon in Hormuz basin, southern Iran (Teleostei: Cyprinidae)



Capoeta raghazensis, new species, is described from the Raghaz Canyon, Hormuz basin, southern Iran. It is distinguished from its congeners in Iran by having one pair of barbels, a moderately ossified last unbranched dorsal-fin ray which smaller than head length; no black spots on head, body and dorsal fin; 69–77 lateral line scales; 11–13 scales between dorsal-fin origin and lateral line; 9–10 scales between anal-fin origin and lateral line; 11–14 total gill rakers, small barbels (7–13% HL), short head (20–24% SL), and short pectoral fin (10–15% SL).


Hormuz basin, Freshwater, Iran, Taxonomy, Middle East.

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