New record and redescription of Osteobrama cunma (Day, 1888) (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) from the Meghna-Barak drainage system, Tripura, India



Osteobrama cunma (Day) has hitherto been considered to be restricted to the eastern parts of Manipur in India (Chindwin drainage system) besides its type locality, Moulmein, in Myanmar. While confirming the identity of fish species collected from the Gumti, a tributary of the Barak-Meghna river system in Tripura, India, several specimens of Osteobrama tentatively identified as O. cotio (Hamilton) and housed in the Museum of the Central Agricultural University, Tripura, India, were observed to belong to O. cunma. This forms the first record of O. cunma from the Barak-Meghan drainage, which is geographically isolated from the type locality of this species.


Osteobram cotio, Taxonomy, Morphometric, Meristic, Distribution, Gumti River.

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