A range extension of Diretmoides veriginae Kotlyar, 1987 (Beryciformes: Diretmidae) from the Nicobar Island, India

Ramachandran NIKKI, Aneesh KUMAR KANNAMKULATHIL VIJAYAN, Kottnis OXONA, Mullaserri SILEESH, Kochutharanikarthil Ponnappan DEEPA, Meleppura RAJEESHKUMAR, Manjebrayakath HASHIM, Maruthadu SUDHAKAR


The occurrence of Diretmoides veriginae in the Indian water is reported for the first time. This fish has been reported earlier only from Northeastern Indian Ocean, Southern Taiwan, and South China Sea. Two specimens measuring 175 and 161 mm TL were collected onboard Fishery Oceanographic Research Vessel (FORV) Sagar Sampada using demersal trawl from two locations, Great Nicobar Waters (576 m depth) and Nicobar East Katchall Island (591 m depth). The meristic counts, body measurements and descriptions are presented and the specimens have been compared with the earlier reports and found out that the fish has a new distributional record for Indian waters.


Diretmidae, Spinyfin, Great Nicobar Waters, Nicobar East Katchall Island.

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