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FishTaxa is a peer-reviewed international journal to support free exchange of ideas and information in systematics, phylogeny and biogeography of fishes with a preference for large taxonomic works such as monographs, revisions and checklists. FishTaxa considers papers on all freshwater and marine fishes both living and fossil, and especially encourages descriptions of new fish taxa. All types of papers are considered,  including theories and methods of systematics and phylogeny, taxonomic monographs, revisions and reviews, catalogues/checklists, biographies and bibliographies, identification guides, analysis of characters, phylogenetic relationships and zoogeographical patterns of distribution, descriptions of taxa, and nomenclature. FishTaxa publishes original research articles, high quality reviews and technical notes/short communication covering all aspects of fish systematics.

The members of the FishTaxa scientific board are from well-known universities and research institutes to ensure high-quality publications. Manuscripts are processed using an online system, ensuring efficient and timely evaluations.

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Scopes of FishTaxa includes:

Biology, systematic ichthyology, phylogeny and biogeography of fishes both freshwater and marine (living and fossil fishes)

  • Taxonomic monographs, revisions and reviews, catalogues/checklists
  • Descriptions of taxa, and nomenclature
  • Systematics and phylogeny
  • Biodiversity
  • Biogeography/phylogeography
  • Population genetics
  • Invasive species
  • Morphology and osteology

 Open access

Once submission of the manuscript, the author will be informed by the editorial team regarding its standing as soon as possible and the paper will be published immediately after acceptance and proof confirmation.

All articles published by FishTaxa are freely accessible online immediately upon publication. There is no page charge for publishing in FishTaxa.

 Abstracted/Indexed in:

Vol 25 (2022)

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Shantanu KUNDU, Shibananda RATH, Bungdon SHANGNINGAM, Kaomud TYAGI, Kosygin LAISHRAM, Vikas KUMAR, Dhriti BANERJEE
Erica Teresa Jarvis MASON, Lucille BULKELEY, William W. WATSON, Allyson C. Salazar SAWKINS, Matthew T. CRAIG, John R. HYDE, Andrew R. THOMPSON, Brice X. SEMMENS